Business Areas


established in January 2000 and is a specialized company in the design
and engineering of "High Voltage Underground Transmission System".

It is a mature company that provides "Total Solution" for construction and operation of high voltage transmission field.

In February 2006, we established a company-affiliated research institute and conducted research on construction management. Since 2015, we have started to develop underground distribution accessories and have begun full-scale manufacturing. We are also engaged in research activities on materials, manufacturing, design, analysis and analysis related to the manufacturing of connection materials and parts for power equipment.


Organization and work

EPE's R & D center is developing the electric power equipment products that are suitable for the future trend with the goal of developing the world’s best product that is the goal of the CEO.
In recent years, in response to a change from a power grid network, which is a unidirectional power grid, to a micro grid grid, which is an interactive power grid, there is a need for products that meet the changing trends of environment
friendly, high performance, and compact devices.
In a changing environment, EPE R & D center is constantly researching on the development and manufacturing of power equipment and parts with the world's best competitiveness in order to meet the demands of our customers continuously.
Major research fields of EPE R & D center focus on MV / HV cable accessories, switchboards, lightning arresters. In addition, we are involved in design technologies such as insulation management, metal characteristics, productivity improvement, product analysis, and material analysis.


Insulation R & D

Development of power equipment using silicon rubber (HTV, LSR, RTV) materials
Development of power equipment using epoxy resin and APG (automatic pressure gelling device)
Development of power surge arrester
Cold-shrinkable tube related product development
PP, PE extrusion related products.
Development of silicone extrusion related products
Optimal design of products by electric field, thermometer, and structural analysis


Technology of conductor connection
and metal fittings

  • Shear Bolt conductor connection method
  • Aluminum conductor connection method
  • Compression conductor connection method
  • Transition conductor connection method (Cu-Al)
  • Multi-contact conductor connection method
  • Tulip -contact conductor connection method
  • Metal surface treatment, plating, antioxidant technology
  • Conductor heat treatment technology


Technology related to product production

  • LSR and HTV silicone rubber injection mold design and product productivity improvement
  • HTV silicone rubber extrusion mold design and product productivity improvement
  • Design of epoxy APG mold and improvement of product productivity
  • Cold shrink tube core design of extrusion mold and product productivity improvement
  • Cold shrink tube expansion technology


Product Analysis
and Analysis Technology

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  • AC, PD, DC, Impluse tester
  • CT conductor heater
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Lightning Leakage Current Meter
  • Oven for testing